Camalion's Singles

Discover the discography of Camalion, featuring a stunning collection of singles that showcase his unique fusion of genres and exceptional musical talent.


Collection of Camalion's Latest Singles

Listen to Camalion's latest tracks including "Traición", "Lleva Trae", "La Playa", "Mi Nacion", and more.

Camalion ft Nico Canada

Collaborations between Camalion & Nico Canada including "Cuarentena Mix Vol. 4" and "Restriega".

DJ Chiclin and DJ Dynamite PR's Latest Hits

Get into the groove with DJ Chiclin and DJ Dynamite PR's latest tracks including "Gial Te Ves", "Un Capitulo", "Oye Lo Que Digo", and "Traicion".

DJ Goldd's Best Tracks

Listen to DJ Goldd's best tracks including "More Gial" and "Police-Man".

Frankieboy's Latest Single

Listen to Frankieboy's latest single "Flight44".

Wisedagansta's "Pequeño Pichón"

Listen to Wisedagansta's latest hit "Pequeño Pichón" and enjoy his unique style and sound.